Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Aboyne Highland Games

It has been a busy weekend at Aboyne Manor. Last week wasn't the best as i was tired a lot and my blood pressure must have been high. Just going up the stairs was causing my legs to burn. I didn't exercise much at all.

I gave blood and had urine checks to measure the albumin levels - effectively my kidney function. I expect to hear back if there is anything of concern, but no news is good news. I have dropped a kilo which I believe is a result of the water tablet, which i also think is causing a certain amount of giddyness.

I have had several runs on the bike which certainly lifted the spirits and, while i get used to the Speed I cleaned the Sprint t0 a degree I haven't done before. That too is running sweet.

At the weekend it was the Aboyne Highland Games and a great weekend it was too. We had several people staying at the house and we all attended the games, had a great meal and a wonderful time.

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