Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Chai experience

Ajarn Chai teaches in Northampton every year

I caught the flight down from Aberdeen to Birmingham on Friday morning, hiring a car to get to Ewen's house for the Thai Boxing Association UK's annual seminar with Ajarn Sirachai Sirisute. As an Associate Instructor and Scottish Director, even though I couldn't participate physically I was determined to be there and I really felt up for it.

Sairs, Bill, Richy and Chris listen attentively during the Krabbi Krabong session.

We all went out for a meal at night at a local Indian restaurant, and I managed to get to sleep at a decent hour so was refreshed for the Saturday. That begun with Fraser Kyne teaching a grappling session. An experienced instructor and Full instructor and Black belt in the UFA, Fraser's session was excellent and enjoyed by all. That paved the way for Ajarn's session that was technical and excellent. Four hours plus later we were heading off to eat at a local buffet restaurant for a well deserved meal.

Sunday started off with Krabbi Krabong with Bob Spour. This was a well received session that saw a demo at the end recreating a battle scene! Grins were evident on every one's face!! Ajarn then took over raising the pace from the day before and keeping it very technical. The day was finished with Chris Moir, still living off the adrenaline of winning the Last Man Standing competition, sitting his TBA test. This involves scrutiny over the two days, showing his form, technique, Ram Muay and two rounds of hell!

Seven or so years ago, a young guy walked into my class and started training. He applied himself and here he was achieving yet another goal in a year of great achievement for him. This is what AMAG is all about and a moment of pride for me.

Ewen and Bob on Sunday morning

During the day i had some pain in the back that was, I believe, muscular. There were no pain killers so i took a low dose of Ibuprofen that was all that was available. This wasn't a good idea and Ive had a reaction in the side affect of bloating. I went from 75kgs up to 80, and today I was down to 87.5. My legs are showing signs of Edema. I was tired after the weekend and this wasn't helping.

I saw this in the paper about Young Cancer Victims blogs. It's great to see young people standing up and fighting their affliction!

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