Thursday, 19 November 2009

Liver cancer drug 'too expensive'

The BBC's headline Liver cancer drug 'too expensive' has personal meaning. The company I work for had a BUPA private medical scheme and so BUPA has funded my Sorafenib for ONE year only. Coupled with my mental state, my recovery has happened but I was the first in Aberdeen to have Sorafenib for Primary Liver Cancer.

Others, especially anyone who can't afford private medical insurance, will not have that opportunity. Of course a budget means these type of decisions are made, like them or not. But if my taxes were going more into the NHS than into ridiculous wars in Iraq then maybe the budget could stretch?

More than 3,000 people are diagnosed with liver cancer every year in the UK and their prognosis is generally poor.

Only about 20% of patients are alive one year after diagnosis, dropping to just 5% after five years.

I am breaking those rules! I'm one year plus on the eve of the anniversary of the failed operation

It's your NHS, make a noise. Maybe the money put into conflicts abroad could pay for the Drug Treatment that your loved one's might need. You have a voice - USE IT!

If you have cancer, you can survive regardless of the type of treatment. You have to really want to.


Wullie said...

This is a slap in the face for people who have worked their entire life and paid into the “system”.
Politicians will come round houses and rally what they will do for you, as if it’s personal. Yet issues like this just emphasise that we are all just a number and basically that there is a price to life??!!
Yet, there seems to be no price issue in taking it, through unjust conflicts or spending billions building new Trident submarines!
It beggars belief that people sit in an office and come up with a mathematical excuse for denying life changing drugs such as this.
Yet as with most unjust decisions in the UK, people will sit in their office, workshop, tea shack etc and moan about how it terrible this or that is, but no one does a f*cking thing about it!
Yet countries like France or Australia make themselves heard straight away. There is no “proposed strike” in a month’s time – it’s tools down straight away! If they don’t like a decision they protest, even riot (not condoning rioting by the way), but they make themselves heard.
People shouldn’t be afraid of their Governments, Governments should be afraid of their people.

Jon Cameron said...

I have to confess I don't totally know how the system works. However, I once explored where I should invest money if I wanted to make a lot of money for little outlay, the reply was 'drugs' legal and/or illegal. Drugs are big business. Drug companies are some of the best performers on the stock market. In many respects I do not think that medicine should be anything to do with business, yet the business, it seems, drives the development, the research, the production. But should the rich get richer from the sale of medicines for the wellbeing of human beings? I agree that there are legitimate questions about how the government spends public money, I also think that there is too much power in the hands of drug companies. "Yes, I have drugs that can extend your life", "No, you can't have them unless you afford them". There is something disturbing to me about this relationship. No one should consider life cheap. Yet, extortion, particularly in matters of life and death, in my view, cheapens it considerably. I may have said the same thing in my late teens/early twenties for different reasons, but say it now for more serious consideration 'free drugs for all!'.


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