Thursday, 1 October 2009

Just a tiddler

a small fish in a big ocean - I'll take my inspiration from the likes of Guro Dan Inosanto

On Saturday several us traveled down to Glasgow for the Ultimate Self Protection (USP) course, in which I covered aspects of getting off the ground as quickly as possible whilst inflicting maximum necessary damage against the aggressor. It was amusing to watch some people who thought that they know it be unable to do as taught.

I am one of the most qualified instructors in Scotland and yet there are those with far less experience or ability who believe that they are either equal or know more. We all learn and some of the participants who displayed the better attitude got my attention and I gave them more. Ego holds you back! I travel - when I am well - great distances to learn and experience from the best but there are those who wish to be a big fish in the small pond.

I have world renown experts in my school at times to teach and I'm often surprised at the turnout. An Erik Paulson on the doorstep and people don't make the effort! Look at the quality of students coming out of the school! Its with good fortune I have more time with the AMAG students and my own instructors and studies.

After a satisfying day, a long journey back and after we eat some Thai takeaway, Bob conducts a hypnotherapy session on me. It takes about 40 minutes and wipes Bob out while i awake refreshed and focused on clear visualisations!

Sunday saw me train the fighters although many are absent with seasonal colds. I go home and simply sleep as exhaustion takes me in both arms. I have restarted my Sorafenib as well which affects my appetite.

Monday again sees me sleep and teach in the BJJ class at night. On Tuesday I attend a 1st aid refresher course and teach two classes at night. I am completely exhausted and am in bed before 10. The refresher course continues on Wednesday and i get my certification renewed! The threat of my giving mouth to mouth resuscitation should make sure no-one falls in around me!

I've been at work today but will go for a cat nap soon. The medication requires this. The weather has turned chilly. bbrrrr

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