Sunday, 4 October 2009

Guardian of the genome

Fighter Training - Sunday

What a weekend of mixed fortunes.

Saturday was busy and i taught two long classes, Silat and BJJ. Unfortunately one student got a bad injury in the BJJ and is in hospital as we speak. It has disturbed me although there is no blame to lay at any ones door. Yesterday became a long day.

Today i trained the fighters and a tremendous session put in by all. After that i went to meet my son and watch Chelsea against Liverpool. Chelsea won, Liverpool didn't. Puts us Top Of The League!

During the game I had cramps. After dropping my son off, i managed to get home, feeling very feint as i got in through the door. I am cramping badly and have bouts of nausea.

Caz on a night out on Thursday - look gorgeous!

Scientists on brink of cancer treatment revolution: a human protein called p53, shown to play a pivotal role in the spread of nearly all cancers. Cancers arise because DNA errors build up inside the body's cel ls. It is the role of p53 to correct those errors and prevent cancerous mutations from spreading. Hence its nickname, the "guardian of the genome". It organises repairs to damaged cells and, in those beyond repair, it arranges for the cell to be killed off before it can spread and divide

kali wanted her picture on as well! - Daily Quote You and I as individuals will have to transform ourselves

The individual is obviously of the greatest significance in society because it is only the individual who is capable of creative activity, not the mass - and I shall explain presently what I mean by that word creative. If you see this fact, then you will also realize that what you are in yourself is of the highest importance. Your capacity to think, to function with wholeness, with an integration in which there is no self-contradiction - this has an enormous significance.

We see that if there is to be any real change in the world - and there must be a real change - then you and I as individuals will have to transform ourselves. Unless there is a radical change in each one of us, life becomes an endless imitation, ultimately leading to boredom, frustration, and hopelessness.

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